Upstate Tigers Lacrosse Program

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Upstate Lacrosse provides local athletes with the opportunity to advance their skills and knowledge of the game of lacrosse through competitive games and practices sessions when players are not in season with their local school programs. We will bring players, parents, coaches, officials and supporters together to improve the quality of the game and the number of young boys playing the game. We emphasize youth development, individual and team skills, self- esteem,fair play, and sportsmanship for all participants of Upstate Lacrosse.


The Upstate Tigers program offers a unique summer lacrosse experience at an affordable price. By combining athletes from around the upstate we are able to challenge each individual athlete at a level suitable to their fundamental growth in the game. The intent of the summer program is for each individual athlete to improve fundamentally and enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Our coaching staff has a combined 75 years in the game of lacrosse and features two former all-Americans, a current MLL player, current upstate High School head and assistant coaches, and current college players. We will also be brining in guest College and Pro players to work with the boys from time to time.

2014 Upstate U17 Summer Team

  • Mills Tanner, Dorman HS, Goalie
  • Lopez Carson, Dorman HS, Goalie
  • Meadors Wyatt, JL Mann HS, Goalie/Attack
  • Handshoe Ryan, JL Mann HS, Defense
  • Bertka Drew, Riverside HS, Defense
  • Carithers, Mason, Riverside HS, Defense
  • Bosak Dylan, Mauldin HS, Defense
  • Taylor Ian, JL Mann HS, Defense
  • Ward Cameron, JL Mann HS, Defense
  • Groke Martin, Dorman HS, Defense
  • Kiser Andrew , Dorman HS, Defense
  • Alamagnum Kevin, Dorman HS, Defense
  • Bridges Winston, Dorman HS, Defense
  • Bishop Caleb , Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Monitto Frank, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Armstrong Mathew, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Garland Noah, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Feruson Markell, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Consolo Tony, Riverside HS, Midfield
  • Brown Gary, JL Mann, Midfield
  • O'Connell Spencer, JL Mann, Midfield
  • Faile Andrew, JL Mann, Midfield
  • Godrey Grayson, JL Mann, Midfield
  • Davis Taji, JL Mann, Midfield
  • Knope Alec, Mauldin, Midfield
  • Marshal Austin, Byrnes, Midfield
  • Wheeler Drew, Dorman HS, Attack
  • Paddock, Mitchell, Dorman HS, Attack
  • Bresette Chapman, Dorman HS, Attack
  • Hird Cooper, Dorman HS, Attack
  • Hediger Lucas, JL Mann, Attack
  • O'Connell, Keegan, JL Mann, Attack

2014 Upstate U15 Summer Team

  • Sandoval Scott, Dorman HS, Goalie
  • Schwartz Connor, JL Mann HS, Goalie
  • Sanchez Christian, JL Mann HS, Defense
  • Begely Seth, JL Mann HS, Defense
  • Hilton Austin, Dorman HS, Defense
  • Hennecy Cole, Dorman HS, Defense
  • Crumley Logan, Dorman HS, Defense
  • Morgan Jacob, Dorman HS, Defense
  • Stribling Riley, Dorman HS, Defense
  • Dollamore Logan, JL Mann, Midfield
  • Kupec Will,JL Mann, Midfield
  • Martin Ben, JL Mann, Midfield
  • Gilmer Marshall, JL Mann, Midfield
  • Turner Grayson, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Selepes Noah, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Pellergrino Noah, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Hendricks Drew, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Shaffer Joseph, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Montgomery Matthew, Dorman HS, Midfield
  • Sally Christopher, Greenville, Midfield
  • Razzaghy Kian, St Marys, Midfield
  • Bertka Danny, Riverside, Midfield
  • Blackwell Connor, Mauldin, Midfield
  • Spidell Tyler, JL Mann, Attack
  • Marthinson Reid, JL Mann, Attack
  • Usry Ben, JL Mann, Attack
  • O'Conner Jack, Dorman HS, Attack
  • Walters Clay, Riverside, Attack
  • Bunch Cademon, Gable Mid, Attack

2014 Upstate U13 Summer Team

  • Turner, Gage, Dorman Mid, Goalie/Att
  • Summey Gabe, Dorman Mid, Goalie
  • Handshoe, Randy, Beck Acc, Goalie
  • Lanford Calob, Dorman, Goalie
  • Porter Martin, Dawkins Mid, Defense
  • Summey Ethan, Gables Mid, Defense
  • Kupec Grant, JL Mann, Defense
  • Johnson Cody, Pauline Elem, Midfield
  • Hennecy Carter, Westview Elem, Midfield
  • Thorpe Jacob, Pauline Elem, Midfield
  • Downs Grayson, Dawkins Mid, Midfield
  • Alberry Noah, Dawkins Mid, Midfield
  • Neuder Tyler , RP, Midfield
  • Hendrix Cameron, Gable Mid, Midfield
  • Hamil Carter, Dawkins Mid, Midfield
  • Justice Wesley, Gable Mid, Midfield
  • Forrester Chance, Dawkins Mid, Midfield
  • Perera Visal, Dawkins Mid, Midfield
  • Warren Kyle, Gable Mid, Attack
  • Wilson Thomas, Gable Mid, Attack
  • Wheeler Zack, Gable Mid, Attack
  • Guest Charlie, Dawkins Mid, Attack
  • Lyons Michael, Dawkins Mid, Attack
  • Lanford Cameron, Dorman, Attack


Details for Summer Lacrosse Program

  • Practices will begin the week of May 20 and will end July 12
  • Two practices per week, intention is to hold one in Spartanburg and one in Greenville, actual practice venues to be determined
  • Practice time will be Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6:30 pm - 8 pm

The tournament schedule (subject to change based on entry availability)

  • Greenville May 31-June 1
  • Big South - June 7-8
  • Catawba or carpet bagger - June 14-15
  • Belmont Abby - July 10-12


Start Date: May 19, 2014
End Date: Jul 12, 2014

Cost: $495 per player

420 Blacks Drive
Greenville, South Carolina 29601

Pittman Park


I have told everyone that will listen, that this is the BEST MONEY YOU CAN SPEND for your son to learn to play lacrosse the right way


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Greenville Health System - Accelerated Sports Institute
Warrior Lacrosse